Hackers Are Now Selling 117 Million LinkedIn Passwords


LinkedIn was hacked some four years ago, and if you guys could still remember, it was all noises, shouts and much more as users were scared of the fate of their privacy. Well, I could still recall a friend deleting his account and profile from the site then and only recently did he go back on LinkedIn. What was really the issue?

Well, the attack on the website by hackers last four years may have been forgotten by some, but then, the news we got was that 6.5 million passwords were stolen from the website by the hackers, but recently, a new wave of information is now telling us that LinkedIn has 117 million compromised passwords.

We didn’t know this much until Wednesday when the company said that a massive batch of passwords was being sold on the black market by hackers, and they even went on to acknowledge that such a massive amount of passwords was flying between users and hackers.


linkedin hack

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