How to Build Iron Man’s Gauntlet and Captain America’s Shield


For those of us who are die-hard lovers of this movie, it could still look like a dream to be able to create these weapons, and it’s just amazing to see how they work in this movie that many just conclude that it’s make-believe, so there is no need to build one. Well, two guys just did. Allen Pan, an electronics guy just built a good replica of the drone while Grant Ihamara built a gauntlet replica.

Did I mention that these things cost a lot? Yes, I mean the ones used in the movies. So how were they able to pull it off? Alan may not have been as wealthy as Tony Stark or S.H.I.E.L.D, but he was able to build this superhero accessory with the things he had. These easily found electronics are all that make up the superhero accessories.

Allen Pan partnered with Grant Imahara of ILM Battlebots and Mythbusters fame to make some parts of these accessories, and after that, they challenged each other to bring these two accessories from Marvel universal to life. They can’t go on missions with these, for now, but these two accessories will be making a huge impact at Comic-Con.

Allen Pan didn’t have access to vibranium steel alloy or any super-soldier bio-research as we find in the Marvel movie, so he had to fly it using a drone, after which he added a cheaper shield to give it the boomerang shield effect.  The first drone he used was the Parrot Ar.Drone 1.0, but he found that the fail-safes and the software that made it fly easily didn’t go in alignment with his required customization, so he spent over 160 hours trying to modify his own drone which he called “the WLToysV262”. He also perforated the lightweight foam shield on the top to allow for airflow, after which he had a remote control of the drone strapped to his forearm. This control is really cool, as it lets him launch the boomerang shield like Captain America and that also lets him control it until the shield returns to him.


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