Hyperloop One Tests New Mode of Transportation


Hyperloop had the first demo of the new mode of transportation that the company has been working on. This project is designed to make a pod travel through a tube, and from what we saw, this means of transportation is pretty fast. The new mode of transportation was tested in the Nevada desert yesterday and it gave the world an insight and a better understanding of Hyperloop’s project. This concept has been touted by many experts in different quarters as a prospective mode of transportation for the future.

This new mode of transportation was tested some distances away from the city in the Nevada desert, and from the demo that we say, this actually happens to be an extremely complicated system. The demo actually focused on one side of the system, and that’s actually the speed and propulsion potential of the pod.

From what we heard from the engineers at Hyperloop, the fast vehicles would be able to carry passenger-filled pods through the special tubes and this will be at an incredible speed, so you can imagine that it would be moving faster than most modern trains as the tubes will be designed to give it a seamless movement. The company had said that the pod will be able to travel between San Francisco and Los Angeles’ 400 miles stretch in just 30 minutes. Well, the idea is great, and Elon Musk will be looking back at 2013 as the year an idea for a new mode of transportation was born.


Hyperloop One Assembly Ground

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