Invisible Second Skin Cream That Makes Wrinkles Disappear


Every cosmetic firm on earth today has a line of products that it tags, “anti-aging”, and these products are sought after by virtually all old people, or let’s just say ‘aging people’. But have they really done what they have been touted to be able to do? You will agree with me that most products have not proved to be successful.

Researchers at MIT recently developed a genuine facelift-in-a-tube with a kind of cream that produces am extra layer of invisible artificial skin. This artificial skin smoothens the user’s natural skin. So, after some time, the artificial skin will be removed, and the wearer’s skin looks young again.

The underlying science for the material was developed by researchers at MIT and Harvard and they contacted a private biotechnology company to manufacture the film. Living Proof, the biotechnology company, worked extensively on the material and yesterday, they published that they have completed the process and the research was published. The cross-linked polymer layer is applied in two different steps, and following these steps carefully, the researchers were able to achieve optimal results. The first layer is a product of polysiloxane components, while the second layer is a platinum catalyst and it causes the polymers in the first process to connect and form a strong film on the skin. The film is so strong that it can withstand washing and other skin wear and tears for 24 hours.

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