Karl Urban Says ‘We Could Be Seeing A Dredd Return on Netflix’


Dredd hit the market back in 2012, back then it didn’t make much of an impact as it didn’t hit it big in the market; in fact, it looks like it was frustrated out. The low turn-up in sales didn’t mean that it did not fall on the good side of customers; it actually managed to gather a following that made it a standout movie back then.

The following was so strong that some fans had to file a petition to create a TV series for any cable or streaming service, and they said that the series will be based on the film. Many game lovers have even tried to pressure top game makers to work with the producer of the movie to make games that will feature the story line and characters.

Well, the fans are not the only ones really interested in a continuation of the series, Karl Urban, a star who featured in the movie and who is popularly known as McCoy in Star Trek Beyond, has given a hint that he also wants a sequel. Another person who has shown much interest is the executive producer, Adi Shanker, who has also hinted that we could be seeing a return of the movie.


Dredd’s Karl Urban

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