New ‘Doctor Who’ Sonic Screwdriver Now On Sale


Many have been keeping tabs on everything going on in the camp of Doctor Who for quite some time, and after it was announced that Steven Moffat will be calling it quits, thereby pushing the show to 2017, many of you were left unhappy and I could still remember my little friend asking me why Moffat was quitting.

Well, there is something that could be able to keep Doctor Who in our minds and it’s this trusty tool that has been seen much more as a trademark, than a tool in the show. Last season’s epic finale was actually the first time viewers saw this tool after it wasn’t featured for the entire year. Not only has the tool made a return to face the camera, it has also made a return to the hands of fans.

Just as it did in previous versions of the tool, the BBC has finally decided to put out the brand-new design of the replica of the screwdriver on sale. The BBC also stepped up its game by adding new bells and whistles to this gadget.

Chris Eccleston and David Tenant tested the first sonic screwdriver; it made identical noises, and it could not extend just like it does on the show. The downside, though, is that the extending noises and ringing has to be done manually as you would be holding it with your thumb.


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