This Chip Will Make the Next Samsung Smartphones Have the Best Graphics Around


It’s really easy to assume that your Samsung Smartphones and iPhones have super cool graphics; well, yes they do, as they are two of the leading Smartphone makers in today’s Smartphone market. But the future Samsung Galaxy Smartphones may be going all the way as they will be coming with this cool chip.

This chip will go beyond just giving us prettier graphics; it would also help to improve the battery life of this Smartphones (which should come with cool batteries). The graphics will be working well with VR, and these Smartphones will be able to run games over a longer period of time. This Smartphone will also allow you pull out 8MP, still photos out of a 4K video you shot. To cap everything, this chip will enable you to do more things with your Smartphone much faster and much longer.

Why is it that most Smartphones can’t do some of these things? Sometimes, it actually boils down to the graphics, the poorer the graphics, the weaker the Smartphone gets. You wouldn’t have to be disappointed, though, as your Smartphone will soon be able to handle some graphics-intensive features.

The chip was designed by ARM and it comes with a Cortex-A73 computing processor and a Mali-G71 graphics processor. ARM is one company that has been known for its cool designs and its superbly designed chips. Apple and Samsung have repeatedly used chipsets that were designed by this company; so design-wise, you can expect that this chip will be sleek.

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