This In-Ear Device Translates Foreign Languages for You


Language barrier is a common issue that arises whenever we discuss with someone from another country or tribe. Well, most of us would say that English is a universally accepted language and that most people would understand it, but in reality, other languages are spoken in some parts of the world and not all nationals of a place understand English, so how do you cope?

Well, we were in China some weeks back, then we moved to Japan, and we culminated our visit on some smaller Asian islands, many of the natives have an official language they understand, and we would never forget how hard our guide worked throughout the trip, helping us communicate with the people; but here is a device you can simply plug in your ear and understand that language you haven’t even learnt.

This awesome translation device makes hearing a foreign language a very easy process as it just needs to be fitted in the ear and set to the preferred language. According to the company, the need to communicate in diverse languages as been the propelling force behind this technology, and that just goes on to show the level at which this idea will be accepted.


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