Twitter Will Stop Counting Photos and Links in 140-Character Limits


Talking of the biggest drawback to the use of Twitter, many of us will say it’s the inability to post nothing more than 140 characters even when you have links and photos in the post, and it could be very frustrating as 140 character posts are not enough to write down some of our thoughts. Well, there could be a slight change as Twitter has finally decided to change some things.

The company is trying to make a significant shift by giving users the freedom to compose longer messages, as it will soon stop counting the photos and links as part of the 140 characters that’s it has set for its message limit. According to an insider, the company could be making this change in the coming weeks, but he refused to give his name because the company hasn’t publicized the decision yet.

Back in January, the Chief Executive Officer, Jack Dorsey explained that the giant social media firm is looking for better ways to display texts on Twitter and it will continue to carry out experiments based on people’s use of the service. That could be a very handy explanation here, as some people just tweet screenshots of longer tests in articles or send many tweets consecutively if they want to tell a long story, seeing this, Twitter may have seen the need to give us more writing power.


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