Woman Drives Into Lake after Following GPS


The GPS (global positioning system) is one of the most popularly known and used technologies, as it makes you see the world as a pretty small place and you never get lost as almost every place is well mapped out and we find the ease of getting to our destinations. Well, yes, we never get lost with this global positioning system on hand, but the fact is that too much reliance on this technology can be misleading.

Sometimes, technology can be misleading, and that’s what this woman who relied too much on the GPS would realize now as it just made her drive her car into a lake without even knowing. Authorities and the tech world have all continued to lend their voices, saying we shouldn’t rely too much on technology as no technology is as intelligent as we always think.

Many years ago, every motorist will always take advantage of road maps even before starting a journey to an unknown location. Our roads have signposts and billboards that are there to give us clear-cut information on what’s ahead, where to turn and were too slow down. Recently, there has been an upsurge of computers sitting in our dashboard giving final decisions on where we are to turn and where we shouldn’t.

Car driven into lake Huron

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