A 3D Printed Self-Driving Mini-Bus Will Be Hitting US Roads Soon


If you have been following self-driving car technologies as much as I have been doing, you must be well aware that this niche can be a very challenging one for any company that tries to dive into it. Well, amidst the big names in the self-driving car niche is a company that looks relatively young and not too hyped.

This new maker partnered with IBM-owned supercomputer platform, Watson. According to the maker, the buses are ready and should start being rolled out soon. The vehicle is known as Olli, and it’s a 3D printed minibus. This minibus can carry 12 people comfortably and it sports some extra spaces for any extra loads or luggage you plan taking along.

It will be an on-demand transportation solution that can be summoned with a mobile app, so it will be having similarities to Uber rides, and if you want to print it to your customized specs, you should be having it ready for use in few hours.

Many of you may still be wondering if the company has even tested its vehicles, and the interesting thing to note is that it hasn’t. But the company’s co-founder and CEO, John Rogers gave us a slight hint that the demonstrations will be done in Maryland, National Harbor.


Ollli Mini-bus

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