A 528 Foot-Long Barrier That Can Collect Ocean Trash


Have you ever wondered where all the wastes and trash you throw into the beach goes? Or have you ever imagined were the trash that occasionally flows to the shores of the beach come from? Well, knowing that there is trash on the waters, which is not very hygienic makes ocean and sea waters not the best to drink without prior treatment.

Ocean Cleanup has been testing a 538 foot-long barrier, which it hopes will help clean the waterways. This 52 miles barrier float on the ocean, so all trash being thrown up there will get trapped and the waters will get cleaner.

This will be one of the many efforts that are being put in place to clean the waterways of the world, and in all these years, I personally feel this technique will be the simplest and even the most ambitious. Moves to clean the waters have always been met with one concern, and that’s a system that will make the process seamless and very easy, as there isn’t a machine strong enough to deliver the perfect results.

north sea

Ocean Cleanup Designs Floating Barrier

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