A Drone You Can Fly In


Until yesterday, we may have written about drones that can be controlled like a wizard and ones you just have to stay in a place and watch them fly to and from you. Well, our focus will be changing today as we will be sharing a drone you can ride in like a helicopter.

This drone is big enough to carry one person, but after a second look and considering some factors, it should be able to carry a second person, which just shows how cool it is. The drone in question is a prototype of Ehang’s human-carrying drone that showed up in January at the Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas.

This will be the first human-carrying drone that’s ever built and it has what it takes to carry a passenger for a 23-minute flight. The Ehang 184 was one of the most buzzed prototypes we saw at the Consumer Electronics Show, and till today, it still qualifies as one.

Ehang has been given the green light to get tested in Nevada after the manufacturers were able to strike a partnership deal with Nevada institute for autonomous systems. The tests have been slated to begin later this year, but what’s unclear is if humans will be permitted to fly in the tests. When asked, Ehang didn’t give a definite reply, but for safety reasons, it may be safe to assume that humans won’t fly it.


Ehang 184

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