A Programmer Automated His Job for 6 Years, Gets Fired and Now Forgets How To Code


FiletOfFish1066 just got bounced by his employers from his programming job. The Reddit user has been caught multiple times in the news in the past 12 hours, and that may have been the reason why he deactivated his Reddit account. Why was he fired?

Well, for the past 6 years, this young man has practically done no other work than sit at home, go to work, play at work, and go back home; in fact, according to him, he has not done up to 50 hours of work in the past 6 years. He worked with a popular tech company in the Bay Area and for these 6 years, he has been learning to do some things else—play League Of Legends, browse Reddit and workout in the gym.

The company paid him an average of $95,000 every year, and if you have been wondering how he was able to make this happen, it’s quite simple, he fully automated his job in the first eight months of his employment and was just doing all other things while the automated computer continued working by itself. Since his job was completely automated and carried out by a computer, he could sit back and do just whatever he deems fit to do.

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