First Mirrorless Camera from Hasselblad


If you have been a photographer or let’s just assume you have used cameras, one company that you would likely have met in your quest for better cameras is Hasselblad. The company has managed to give us some of the best cameras around; so it’s making waves.

Sometime last year (that was precisely April) the company shared a medium format camera that sports a 100MP sensor, and that camera was just too classic. Well, if we will call that camera a classic one, I am really starting to wonder what we will be calling this mirrorless camera system.

To bring out the style in this camera, the company has managed to give it a very tiny look; in fact, it’s size can be compared to that of a tablet. The panel-shaped design seems to be one of the few new things to come to this camera as the camera still uses the company’s iconic V-series, so you should be seeing an identical body and ergonomic grip.

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