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Google Voice Search Can Record and Keep the Conversations You Have Around Your Phone


This period will qualify as one of least secretive times in human history as people’s personal life always tend to get in the eye of the public. In this case, the public may not always be having eyes on your privacy, but something is quite certain, Google will. One of the funniest features of this voice search, and which is quite incredible is that you can activate the voice search by just talking or saying “OK, Google”; and that makes it pretty funny as many may be having really private discussions without knowing that their mobile phone is recording them.

Google has said that its systems can save these recordings for many years if not deleted, and I guess that’s another good news, you can easily delete the recordings when you feel you wouldn’t want your conversations being heard by a second or third person.

This feature has been released with good plans in mind, as it works as a way of letting people search the web with their voices. These recordings are then stored presumably and it helps Google in improving its language recognition tools as well as the results that it gives to people.

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