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Google Voice Search Can Record and Keep the Conversations You Have Around Your Phone

Learn How To View And Delete The Recordings

Google also informed that this feature is very easy to delete, even for the less-technical user as it has a special page that has a compiled list of all the information and recordings that Google may be having on you. It comes with an option to delete at a single click; Google’s history page has a very long list of recordings, the company has an audio page and they also have another page for activities on the web.

The page for activities on the web shows you every web page that Google has a recording of you and it also affords you the opportunity to delete all that you may not want. The portal was first introduced back in June 2015, so it has been active for a year now, which spells something, Google probably has a lot of things you have said which you may have felt has been private, so I will urge you to click the link at the bottom of this page to visit the page and see what Google has on you.

One of the advantages of this feature, though, is that the recordings will be functioning as a kind of diary, or a reminder of some places you must have visited and funny or awkward situations that you must have been in. But the downside is that it is also serving as a reminder of how many information are being collected about you and how intimate that information can be.

Google’s History page

Google’s audio page

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