Latest iPhone 7 Leak


iPhone 6s may have come at the right time, at the time we need those sleek features most and when we need a device that will represent our generation best. iPhone 6s proved true to the hype; in fact, it has been able to stand its ground against a company like Samsung. Well, there has been a recently leaked information about the possible release of an iPhone 7, and not just news of the release, we were privileged to get some insider information on the iPhone 7.

The biggest feature of the new Smartphone could be the upgrade from the 64GB storage to 256GB storage. Well, that’s going to be a very awesome move as we will be enjoying more space for feature length videos, more music, and many more pictures.  Most of Apple’s Smartphones always have a base model that’s clocked at 16GB; well, the good news is that the base model of the iPhone 7 will be upgraded to 32GB, so we should start saying goodbyes to 16GB iPhones.

We may be happy at the memory prospects, but there could be a little disappointing news as Apple may not be upgrading the display this time around. So we can still expect to see similar designs as we find on the iPhone 6s on the iPhone 7, but Apple is a pretty innovative firm, so we will be seeing some slight changes, but the focal points of the designs will be maintained. LTPS LCD has reached its peak in development, and it’s likely not to have what it takes to make another big leap in the tech industry, so the iPhone 6s screens and its core features may be remaining with us for a very long time.

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