Meet The World’s First 1000-Core Processor


Processors are hot cakes in today’s tech industry, starting from the computers we have in the room to the Smartphones that adorn our pockets, we just don’t seem to get enough of them; well, there has been a recent improvement in the processor industry, one that will be changing the face of your gadgets in few months from now.

The newly built processor is one of the best you can get as it’s just too energy efficient. On a small amount of power, you will be able to do so many things while still keeping the device running longer.

I really don’t know about you friends, but this is actually one of the best processors out there. The KiloCore, as it’s called was developed by UC Davis, and it’s a CPU that sports a massive 1000 cores. This will make the KiloCore the perfect CPU for tasks like encryption, crunching scientific data and encoding videos. KiloCare will not be about performance only, it has what it takes to handle 115 billion instructions every second on just 0.7W power and this is really possible because of its ability to shut down individual cores.

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