Microsoft’s New Project Management App


Microsoft has launched a new project management tool that makes managing projects and teams a very easy and seamless process. Planner (as the management app is called) is actually a very easy to use app as Microsoft has made it with businesses in mind.

The new app will help businesses and small teams collaborate and track work. If you have used Asana and Trello in managing your projects, then you should be finding it quite easy to use the Planner has its identical, and it comes with an-easy-to-understand interface.

Microsoft is using the concept of a digital whiteboard plastered with note cards, and this has been an established way of tracking projects, communicating progress to the team and attaching and sending files. This product will be working well with other products like OneNote and Outlook. The company stated that it will be rolling out the Planner to all eligible Office 365 users over the next few weeks.

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