Square Shaped Nucleus Could Spoil Time Travel Idea Forever


Physicists have now confirmed the existence of a different type of atomic nuclei, and the fact that this nucleus is not symmetrical challenges the fundamental theories of physics that are governing our universe.

Well, some may start feeling dejected, but this isn’t as bad as it sounds as the discovery will be helping scientists solve one mystery that has always managed to stand out in theoretical physics. This will also help scientists explain why traveling backward in time is actually impossible.

According to Marcus Scheck from the University Of West Scotland, this nucleus points towards a direction in space, it relates to a direction in time, it also proves that there is a well-defined direction in time, so we can only travel from the past to present and not vice versa.

To get a good understanding of this new form of atomic nuclei, it’s very vital that you know the older forms, which will make it possible to understand it seamlessly.


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