The Nintendo 64 Is Now 20 Years Old


Well, today should be the birthday of Nintendo 64 but I guess we may just have to offer it a round of applause. Now, let’s travel some 20 years back. The device made its debut on June 23, 1993, in Japan, and until after three months, we weren’t sure of seeing it on this side of the pacific. After receiving ours back then, we were happy, and we felt proud to own this console that was simply awesome.

If there is one game I will not forget very quickly, I guess it’s Super Mario 64; it was really awesome back then and it could easily pass as the game with the best graphics. It has these countless paths that always amaze me, not forgetting the stars that can’t be numbered or the enemies that never get vanquished, and the objects—how big they all are. Have you also thought about how big the Super Mario 64 world is? It’s really the biggest world I have seen (from gamers’ standpoint).

If you know Nintendo 64, chances are you would also have heard of or even seen Quake. But for those who may have forgotten or for the younger ones, this game is actually one of the first and one of the best to have a 3D movement. I still remember how scary it was to play this game, and it was still pretty scary the last time I played it.

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