The World’s Biggest Nerf Gun


I don’t know how much you guys really used these guns when you were kids, and I really mean “USE”; because when talking about usage, I think am one of those kids who made extensive use of nerf guns; and to make everything more fun, I have a brother and a couple of friends who also had nerf guns, it was all about shooting and being shot.
We love it, that’s a fact, and many of you will gladly decide to go back to being kids if it meant you being able to use nerf guns again, play in the yard and kid across cubicles all day.
Well, Mark Rober seems to know how to make us remember being kids again, or maybe he remembered being a kid, and he invented the biggest nerf gun the world has ever seen. It’s a very funny sight, but the fact remains that this piece is a real badass stuff.
First of all, the nerf gun is made of toilet plungers and pool noodles, so these are the bullet-like things flying out of the gun. Amazingly, it features a 40 mph speed, and the force is enough to make these funny projectiles travel for a distance of some 130 yards.

Mark Rober's Nerf Gun

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