This Man Has Lived For A Year Without His Heart


You may have believed that man can’t live without the heart inside him, now may be the perfect time to reconsider your stand has it’s actually very possible to live without our hearts. One of the most challenging health issues is getting an organ transplant; in fact, even medical practitioners have sometimes agreed that conducting transplants is a very risky process.

One heartbreaking point in organ transplant is also the unavailability of the organs, the organs are not enough as many people need organs and the number of organs available is relatively few. According to a report, the US alone has 121,000 people who need organs and an average of 22 people die on a daily basis as there aren’t enough organs for them.

Heart patients will be able to take advantage of an amazingly cool technology that has helped patients stay alive until a heart is available. Stan Larkin lived for 17 months on an external artificial heart, and recently, he went under the knife to get his in-body heart transplant.

Stan Larkin Credit:Michigan University

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