Facebook Admits Blocking Links to WikiLeaks DNC Emails

Facebook Admits Blocking Links to WikiLeaks DNC Emails


Facebook released a statement through its Chief Security Officer, in which it admitted to briefly blocking links to WikiLeaks files that were containing internal Democratic National Committee emails. This came as a result of an algorithm accident which could have determined that the links were malicious and broken.

The Chief Security Officer revealed that the company has fixed the errors after it was criticized by WikiLeaks. Facebook has blocked some high profile news events on its platform in the past, and one we can still remember was the time Facebook had to remove the video of Philando Castle for some moments after he was shot by a police officer. The company also admitted to incorrectly removing a meme that was circulated about Brock Turner, the Stanford rapist that was convicted.

Facebook has never hidden its desire to be a source for all latest news, but sadly, its algorithm keeps getting in the way by restricting and even removing access to news stories that are posted on its platform. This has come under much criticism as many people have voiced that Facebook’s claim that the news was removed by the algorithm was false and that Facebook has human curators who remove or restrict these links.Facebook Admits Blocking Links to WikiLeaks DNC Emails

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