How To Know If Your Phone Has The Hummingbad Malware—What To Do


Some few hours ago, there was news of a Chinese malware on mobile phones, this malware was revealed by cyber security software maker, Check Point, stating that the malware has infected 10 million android devices. Well, it’s just so funny to realize that you may be with a device that is already infected, but how did it get to this stage?

Information reaching us was that Check Point has been tracking the malware since it discovered it in February, and for months, the number of infected devices continued to increase, with mid-May coming with a sharp spike in the figure.

Check Point said that the people behind the malware are a team of developers at Yingmob, which was known to be a legitimate, multimillion-dollar advertising agency that’s based in Beijing. Checkpoint further revealed that the team responsible for developing the malicious components is the ‘Development Team for Overseas Platform’, which has 25 employees broken into four different groups.

This malware infects devices after users visit infected websites. Immediately after visiting a website, the first component attempts to gain root access on your device using rootkit software, which is known for exploiting vulnerabilities. If the rooting fails, a second component then uses fake system update notification, making users grant Hummingbad some system-level permissions trickily.


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