Nokia P1 Press Release Leaks-What It Looks Like

Nokia P1 Android smartphone alleged press renders leaked


Nokia devices may have been long gone, and we have all forgotten those strong and rugged handsets we used back then until we saw Blackberry and Android devices run into the market, and ultimately into our hands. There have been some leaks, though, and these leaks show a Nokia Android Smartphone and we can just hope that this isn’t just a rumor.

The Nokia P1 is rumored to be featuring a 3GB RAM and an HD display, and that just reminds us of the Nokia 3310 that could break a wall and still survive, so this will be coming as one of the strongest devices.

This came as a little surprise, but not too big a surprise as Nokia had issued a press release sometime in May that it would be returning to the Smartphone arena and it also promised that all its devices will be adorning Android operating systems. The company had licensed another company to use its brand name on its devices, but Nokia promises to ensure that the company produces top quality Smartphones, and this was likely done in a bid to protect the Nokia brand.

Some days back, there were leaked images of a device that many have felt will be the Nokia P1, it’s even branded ‘Nokia’. Well, immediately it appeared online, there was a lot of buzz about it, with some folks just so happy that Nokia has finally launched a Smartphone. The bad news is that the images were that of another Smartphone, Sharp Aquos P1.

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