Pokémon Goes To Japan

Pokémon Goes To Japan


Yes, you heard right, and this will be another move to make this game accepted everywhere. Pokémon launched in the UK some days back, and this seems to be another strategic move that will pay lots of dividends to Nintendo, which already has its value doubled by the Pokémon Go fever.

Just as I said earlier, this game has been accepted with open arms, and it has been topping the charts for the past few days as the most engaging game we have seen in recent years. Well, it’s now going to Japan, can you imagine how acceptable it will be in a country that is the birthplace of the Pokémon phenomenon?

It will launch today (Wednesday), making Japan the 31st country to host the Pokémon Go. The company (Niantic) revealed what may have caused delays in some quarters as it said that they (Pokémon Company and Nintendo) will want to ensure that the servers are suitably robust to withstand the demand that some of these countries could generate.

In addition to being a place with deep rooted love for Pokémon Go, Japan holds another significance. The Japan launch will be coming as the first time the company will be working with an official partner, and this could be in a bid to have a soft and seamless landing.

Pokémon Goes To Japan

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