Samsung Shows Off the First UFS Memory Cards in the World


A lot has been said of removable storages, and Samsung knows this. Many people don’t feel we should continue using them, and many others are jumping in favor of memory cards. I have been one of those who have fought hard, who have talked extensively for memory cards to remain as it provides a measure of protection for our Smartphones.

Well, Samsung recently revealed what have become the first UFS memory cards in the world, and they are not just superb storage devices because of the encryptions alone, they are also fast. Your devices need speed to capture high-resolution videos, so whether you use a drone or a Smartphone, the memory card goes a long way in giving you a seamless shooting experience.

Not many microSD cards out there have what it takes to support our extensive use of Smartphones and drones, so many of us have had to live on what we had—managing.

Samsung recently revealed its set of memory cards, with the 250GB variant coming with a reading speed that’s clocked at 530mb/s. Well, I think that’s blazing fast as you will be transferring half a gigabyte every second, and that’s as much as five times faster than the best memory cards we have now. The memory card can also do a 170mb/s sequential writing speed, coming three to four times faster than what we have around.

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