The Ozone Hole Is Now Healing


This information hit me today, and it really proves how powerful we become when we all stand together. One of the biggest concerns of man has been the injured ozone layer which grows faster than anyone can ever imagine. This was as a result of so many factors, including the activities of us humans in general.

Almost thirty years ago, an international treaty was signed, and this treaty was about a ban being placed on the use of chlorofluorocarbons, and it actually looks like we all cooperated on this one thing, and maybe it’s because this is a general concern. Well, whatever the motivation was, the great news is that the hole is now healing, and we may see advanced recovery in the next 50 years.

Researchers at MIT revealed this information and they attributed this development to the Montreal Protocol of 1987. That protocol banned the use of all chlorinated compounds in refrigerator coolants and aerosols after it was discovered that the chemicals were managing to go up to the stratosphere, store there and do lots of damage to the ozone layer, the blanket covering the earth.

Ever since 1987 till date, scientists have made it a point to monitor the Antarctic ozone layer which opens in late August or early September of every year, and which gets to a full size by October. It has been discovered that the size of the hole has never been the same in two consecutive years as the chemicals are very sensitive and they destroy the ozone based on the temperature, sunlight and the stratospheric cloud cover.

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