This Company Wants To Grow An Army Of Drone In Tubs Of Chemicals


Well, drones have really made us glad, it makes us super happy to have a drone that could fly some distances, giving us the feeling of being a pilot, or at least, being able to take footage of places we haven’t really flown to.

Well, very soon, humanity will be witnessing a new set of drones, and these drones have been grown from chemical compounds, so, we are about to see an impending doom that’s stalking around.

To get an idea of what I am trying to say, I think it will be nice of you to watch some interesting movies. I will encourage you to take your time to watch Terminator, and you could be seeing something that’s nearly identical to what BAE Systems posted as a concept video footage of a process to create drones; these drones are drones of the future, mind you.

Chemputer, a radical new machine is all that’s needed to enable advanced chemical processes to grow aircraft and some of their complex electronic systems from a molecular level upwards, and the company has said that this could be done in the fastest time possible.

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