Ubiquiti AmpliFi Begins Shipment in August

Ubiquiti AmpliFi Begins Shipment in August


We have all grown to see this company become one of the leaders in networking, the company delivers professionals-level networking products that have been known for offering a reliable and fast business Wi-Fi. The downside to its products have always been the complicated connection process, you can’t just plug it and expect it to play without having an inside knowledge of the device on hand.

Earlier today, the company revealed the ship dates for its new product, one we have been expecting for long. AmpliFi works fine and it sports a powerful wireless router and two mesh points, with space for more. In addition, Ubiquiti Labs have made AmpliFi very easy to set, and nothing sells better.

Just as I said in the preceding paragraph, setting up the AmpliFi router is pretty easy. Overall, it takes about 10 minutes to completely make it ready for operation. It looks beautiful, and the LED ring on the base just adds to the sleek feel and look, not forgetting the touchscreen on the front.

It’s rare to see touchscreens in home routers, but using it in AmpliFi makes it easy to get updates on different network metrics. It’s also accurate in reading figures, so it doesn’t over-read or under-read data. It delivers the exact figures.Ubiquiti AmpliFi Begins Shipment in August

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