68 Million Passwords Gets Dumped Online After Dropbox Hack

68 Million Passwords Gets Dumped Online After Dropbox Hack

See How Dropbox Reacts

Dropbox reacted swiftly last week by encouraging its users who hadn’t changed their passwords since 2012 to do so. The company had little over 100 million users as at the time of the breach, so it could be concluded that over two-third of users were hit.

Reports also shared that the company has been planning to upgrade its passwords encryption standard from SHA1 to a better and much more secure bcrypt.

According to Mr. Hunt, the bcrypt hashing algorithm that was used in protecting the passwords is very resilient to cracking. It was also stated that all strong password choices will likely remain secure with the least protected accounts vulnerable to the attack. Mr. Hunt added that the best way to remain safe is to change passwords regularly and also enable Dropbox two-step verification to make your Dropbox account even more secure than it already is.

Just as I stated at the beginning, this hack emphasizes the need for tight security from the company, remembering that they store users’ data; and on the part of the users, as they should remember to take all the security measures available.

From our experience here at tweakingtricks.com, it’s advisable that you use a password manager to secure those unique and complex passwords that you will need daily. But still, we encourage caution as companies like Opera and OneLogin have also been targets of hackers.

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