Cat Drone Maker Tries To Make Cow Drones

Cat Drone Maker Tries To Make Cow Drones


If you have seen these cat drones for once, you will appreciate the work that was put into every part of the drone, from the concept down to the finishing touches. Well, the man who made the cat drone is now working on his next project—a cow drone.

Bart Jansen’s cat died, and it seems he was just too connected to the cat as he decided to make a drone with it, and that’s just awesome; his cat still remains with him even after dying. He said that he was really interested in making drones that are big enough to carry humans, and not just any type of drone—drones that are made from giant animals.

Jansen said that he really doesn’t know if his idea will be accepted or if it could be the next big thing, his main motivation is a desire to build an animal helicopter for himself.Cat Drone Maker Tries To Make Cow Drones is 100% independently owned and welcomes new article contributions for our growing community. Our sole purpose is to spread news and research to provide deep insight on disruptive companies, people and trends.

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