Like Facebook, Apple Starts a Bug Bounty Program

Like Facebook, Apple Starts a Bug Bounty Program


This is probably one of the best ways to stay safe and covered in a world where we have as many hackers as you can think of, and for some time now, Facebook has a bounty program that pays people who are able to find any bugs in its system. According to Facebook, the amount it pays people really depends on the seriousness of the bug, and how much damage it could cause. See this article I wrote on a 10-year-old who was awarded $10,000 for uncovering a bug on Instagram.

Apple is also trying something similar, in fact, it is promising to make it the biggest we have ever seen with a payout that goes as high as $200,000; the company announced that its new bug bounty program will be invite-only. This program is expected to kick off in September, and it will be offering rewards to people who are able to exploit the latest version of iOS or the latest generation of its hardware. So we may just assume that older versions of its devices and gadgets may not be qualifying for this bug bounty.

Apple is obviously the only big player in the tech industry who doesn’t have one of these bug bounty programs in place, with other companies like Uber and Fiat Chrysler having launched this program or similar ones this year. Apple has been giving small amounts of money for reports on its security vulnerabilities, but officially, this is when it means business.Like Facebook, Apple Starts a Bug Bounty Program is 100% independently owned and welcomes new article contributions for our growing community. Our sole purpose is to spread news and research to provide deep insight on disruptive companies, people and trends.

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