New MacBook Pro—a PC with A Difference

New MacBook Pro—a PC with A Difference


So what does a user do, when he employs one of the finest computers in its class, the MacBook Pro, made by Apple Inc? I mean this computer is a beauty to behold, with outstanding features such as a super slim body, an Intel core Processor that is super-fast, a retina display and crystal clear optics and graphics that enhances user experience infinitely.

So the question again is what does such a user do? Complain of course; because enthusiasts and users alike, of all things Apple, have Protested for a while, that it takes a long time before the technology Behemoth effects any upgrade to its vaunted laptop series, the MacBook (the last performance updates effected by Apple in 2012, include the retina display and a thinner body). Now, insider sources say that the Apple community should complain no more, as its wishes are about to come true. With the introduction of the newest offering in the MacBook Pro series.

Starting with the shape and design, the new MacBook Pro is expected to be thinner and lighter but will not possess the wedge shape of the 12-inch retina MacBook or the MacBook Air. As a consequence of this slimmer design, the bezels around the display will be smaller, thereby bequeathing a smaller device. This reduction in surface size may mean that Apple could choose to install USB Type-C ports, which can support the Thunderbolt Protocol. It remains a matter of conjecture as to whether Apple will drop the UDMI port and the memory card slot. Sources inform that Apple will also be effecting changes under the hood of its device. The Intel Skylake Processor is deemed a better choice for enhanced performance capabilities and improved energy consumption. Tagalongs will include better Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips.New MacBook Pro—a PC with A Difference is 100% independently owned and welcomes new article contributions for our growing community. Our sole purpose is to spread news and research to provide deep insight on disruptive companies, people and trends.

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