Pokémon Go’s Biggest Fans Are Turning against It

Pokémon Go’s Biggest Fans Are Turning against It


Pokémon Go managed to dominate the global gaming market for few weeks, and that has only been because it proved itself to be one of the most interactive games you can ever play, a game that doesn’t take you completely out of the world around you, and it’s very interesting to play as each stage always has something new to offer.

Well, in the past few days, the game, which was a mega hit, has suddenly started becoming a broken game that needs urgent attention. The problems are just so evident now that most gamers don’t see any fun in it again. And the woes have even been compounded for users as Niantic refused to give a feedback.

This wasn’t the first time users face issues playing the game. When the game earlier entered the market, it couldn’t withstand the pressure and it ended up being overloaded most times, and this would go on for a week without the company doing something about it. After some time, Niantic made the needed changes and things started moving fine, but not until recently.Pokémon Go’s Biggest Fans Are Turning against It

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