A Former Apple Engineer Got Rejected At Genius Bar

A Former Apple Engineer Got Rejected At Genius Bar


If you have followed Apple for long, JK Scheinberg could be a very familiar name, as that is the name of the person who helped move Mac to Intel processors. He retired back in 2008, and probably, he has missed the time he spent working with Apple and the challenges the job always brings. He felt he could still do something, so he walked into an Apple store, Genius Bar to sit for an interview.

Just as you would expect, he was twice as old as anyone else at that group interview, well, after the interview, all three of the interviewers took him aside and said, ‘We’ll be in touch’ but according to him, “I never heard back.”

As a matter of fact, this will raise some dust; but, it is very important to note that Scheinberg may not have been after this job as a way to earn money, he probably wanted to work there as a hobby, and you can imagine how customers will feel knowing they have the famed engineer as their tech support.

Apple engineer rejected from job at Genius Bar pic: JK Scheinberg and generic Genius bar

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