Blackberry Finally Stops Making Phones

Blackberry Finally Stops Making Phones


Yes, it sounds pretty bad, but it’s something that has been in the waterways for long, just that the company feels it could revive its dying market magically. At this point, it seems the phone makers have thrown the towel into the ring, and they have decided to stop manufacturing smartphones permanently.

Blackberry will not be the first company to face this, Nokia did, and we learnt that the inability to move with the ever-changing times was a factor. Blackberry realized this, and they decided to reach out to the Android market, but it seems the market forgot Blackberry just too soon.

Blackberry will stop designing its own phones, and the once biggest and most important smartphone maker will start outsourcing the development of devices to partners. The company has tried to beat Samsung and Apple by using Google’s Android operating system, but after discovering that things aren’t working as expected, it feels it’s time to stop developing.

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