Florida Man Sues Samsung After Note7 Explodes in His Pocket

Florida Man to Sue Samsung after Galaxy Note 7 Explodes In His Pocket


My first reaction after seeing this was, “are people not aware that these cell phones have been recalled long ago?” It’s just bad to see one more person get hurt as a result of the explosion of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which got a formal recall last week.

This will be the first lawsuit that Samsung will witness in the U.S. as a result of the battery explosions, as it was said that the company moved swiftly when people had their properties damaged due to the explosions.

Jonathan Strobel is the man in question, and he has alleged in a suit that the Smartphone was in his right pocket on September 9 when it exploded. According to him, the explosion resulted in severe burns to his leg, leaving him in extreme pain and shock. When contacted, a Samsung spokesperson said that the company is aware of the incident, but it (Samsung) doesn’t “comment on pending litigation.”Florida Man Sues Samsung After Note7 Explodes in His Pocket

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