Meet the Google Chat App—the Allo

Meet the Google Chat App—the Allo


The messenger app industry is very populated, and if you plan to release a messenger app in the future, it better be unique and very different as there are enough of these on the planet and unless you have something new in mind, you may struggle to see downloads, let alone see users.

I did a quick search on Google Play Store, and it will interest you to know that there are so many of these apps online, starting from Skype to WhatsApp, to Facebook Messenger, the list is endless. But it will interest you to know that Google, owners of the Play Store feel they can enter the market and even have an impact after its Hangout was not as successful as expected.

This mobile messaging app will be leveraging the company’s biggest strengths—that’s the vast amount of information Google has about you and the world around you. The app comes with the Google Assistant which has been designed to provide you with contextual information based on your chat history. With the Google Assistant, you will be able to add information from the internet into your chat, saving you the stress of jumping between apps.

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