Samsung to Issue Worldwide Recall of Galaxy Note 7

Samsung to Issue Worldwide Recall of Galaxy Note 7


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones have been reportedly having exploding batteries. This would have an impact on Samsung’s market, and in a bid to reduce the damage that could be done, the giant tech and consumer electronics maker is recalling all its smartphones, while shipments are being stalled.

The reports started coming in about a week after the company started the shipment of the smartphones, and ever since then Samsung has taken the time to investigate the claims. The smartphone batteries were reported to have exploded while being charged, and that is dangerous to users as it could cause extensive harm.

Samsung’s decision to delay the shipment of new batches of the smartphone may imply that they have found a serious issue that needs to be addressed. This will also affect other major markets like the UK as the expected launch of the smartphone in the region which was scheduled for next week will be postponed.

Samsung Australia is reportedly stopping the sales of the Galaxy Note 7, and when contacted, they said; “we are now conducting a thorough inspection with our partners, and we will do well to share the findings as soon as possible, but for the time being, sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been paused.

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