Twitter To Change How It Counts Its Tweets Starting September 19


140 characters may not always be enough to express all the words you wish, but Twitter’s system has made it that way, and it’s because the company wishes to encourage shorter tweets and expressing our feelings in few words.

If the 140 characters have been a letdown to you, then we may be seeing a new development that will rapidly change things; in fact, it will change everything about tweets. The company now promises to cut down on the types of contents that count as characters. In contrast to what we have now, it’s expected that quoted tweets and media attachments like images, GIFs and videos will no longer reduce the count. This extra space for text will go a long way in helping the users enjoy the flexibility of composing longer messages.

The reduction in length of tweets was first spoken of back in May, but the company didn’t share a definite date in which the updates will be put into play until two sources that are familiar with Twitter’s business shared plans and dates for the shift.

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