Yahoo Has Been Hit By the Biggest Hack Ever

Yahoo Has Been Hit By the Biggest Hack Ever


Hackers could have gotten access to personal data of over 500 million users as the web giant stated yesterday, Thursday, making this the biggest breach in history.

The system was hacked in 2014, and according to a press release, the company stated that many email addresses, phone numbers, birth dates and even security questions and answers went missing. The company also revealed that encrypted passwords that were jumbled together so that only one person can read them with the right passcode, were also taken.

Yahoo has revealed that the hackers were state-sponsored actors, though it didn’t quite reveal which country may have sponsored the hack, but information reaching us is that the company will be working closely with law enforcement agencies.

For many months, there have been hints that the hack resulted in the loss of sensitive information after a hacker was said to be selling data from 200 million Yahoo users online, but when contacted, the company stated that it was aware of such claim and that it was investigating the situation. Well, it’s past a month, and we have now seen that it’s much worse than we may have thought.

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