Apple Unveils the MacBook Pro

Apple Unveils the a MacBook Pro


Interestingly, Apple decided to launch its devices yesterday, just as we expected; and this actually comes a day after Microsoft released its own gadgets, putting the tech industry at a standstill as the two big players in the industry have each revealed an interesting side of themselves, and that’s the innovation that they never fail to infuse into all their products.

Well, the rumors are quite true, Apple is finally ditching its USB ports starting with the MacBook Pro. Interestingly, the new laptop will be coming with a quartet of Thunderbolt 3 ports which are the same shape as the USB type C port.

If you were expecting to see the MagSafe, I think Apple has just disappointed you as the MagSafe is going extinct. Well, we have seen something Apple couldn’t do, and that’s the removal of the headphone jack on the laptop. Apple may not have the boldness to remove the headphone jack on two devices this year, but we are expecting that the next MacBook will be coming with this change.

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