BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100

BMW’s New Motorcycle Concept Shows Something Awesome


This bike is just too cool, and no one will see it at the first glance and wouldn’t want to take a second look at it as its design is top-notched. The design is just one of the many things you can enjoy while riding this motorcycle, why not read on as we share some of its cool features.

You should know that the bike is artificially intelligent, so it doesn’t need protective gears, and neither does it need a helmet. The bike has self-balancing systems that will keep the bike upright when standing and when in motion, and I think this is a basic reason why riders won’t suffer crashes, which may eliminate the need for protective gears.

The bike also comes with a system called, “Digital Companion”, which has been designed to offer riders advice and adjustment ideas, so the riders will be enjoying an optimized riding experience. The bike also comes with another system called, “The Visor,” this is a pair of glasses that span the entire field of vision and it can be controlled by eye movements. It can also return active feedback about road conditions to riders while helping to adjust the bike continuously based on the riding style.

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