Meet Microsoft’s First-Ever Desktop Computer—The Surface Studio

Meet Microsoft’s First-Ever Desktop Computer—The Surface Studio


Some hours ago, Microsoft reportedly ended many months of rumors and continued hints on what it would release at its event in New York. And just when Apple is busy with its new devices, Microsoft seems to have a better idea, and many have even said that this release makes Microsoft more innovative than Apple has ever been.

The new Surface Studio is an all-in-one PC that sports a 28-inch pixelsense display, it also comes with the thinnest display ever built and the screen comes at a 3:2 display ratio. The PC comes with an Intel Core processor with a 2TB hybrid hard drive, and it also sports a NVIDIA GPU and a haptic feedback controller puck device, not forgetting the integrated 2.1 speakers.

The Surface Studio features four USB 3.0 ports; it has Ethernet, Audio, SD slot and Mini Display Ports, while the thunderbolt is missing. Users will be able to choose between the Surface Studio using an Intel Core i5 and i7 processors as well as a Nvidia 980 4GPU.

Many of you would be wondering what makes it so different if it’s an all-in-one PC like the iMac and most of its components being held in a single base monitor unit; well, interestingly, Microsoft has more plans than we can even think of. The company wants you to have a PC that would do more than just sitting on your desk. According to Microsoft, this PC will be changing the way people create. And that we see as it comes with a cool hinge on the back which makes the PC more flexible for creative pursuits.

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