Meet the New MacBook Pro with the Magic Toolbar

Meet the New MacBook Pro with the Magic Toolbar


Series of rumors have hit our faces as we await the release of the MacBook Pro from Apple; interestingly, Apple may have revealed two hidden images of one of its new devices before unveiling it officially.  That device is the MacBook Pro which will be coming in the macOS 12.1 update.

Just as many of us may have thought, the laptop sports a second mini display above the keyboard. The mini display will be replacing the functions row and should change depending on what you are doing each time you use the MacBook Pro. The image that was shared showed that users can use the mini display, which could be the Magic Toolbar to confirm Apple Pay payment using the Touch ID sensor.

Well, the removal of the function key could mean good and bad, depending on what Apple now has in store for us. Most of the function keys may be useless to most users, but the escape button isn’t, as many of us use it virtually every time. According to the image, the company may have integrated a cancel button, which should serve the same functions that the escape button serves.

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