Peter Thiel to donate $1.25 Million to Donald Trump’s Campaign

Peter Thiel to donate $1.25 Million to Donald Trump’s Campaign


Peter Thiel has been known as the most contrarian soul here in Silicon Valley, and he just proved true to that reputation by deciding to back Donald Trump massively even when other tech leaders refuse to. Mr. Thiel is known as the most prominent supporter of Donald Trump in Silicon Valley, and ever since the campaign kicked off, he has been lending voice to Donald Trump’s push for the presidency; the donation comes as his first monetary donation to Donald Trump’s campaign.

Theil will be coming after other big name supporters of Trump, with Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah Mercer being the biggest supporters of Trump with a massive $15.5 million. It was also reported that Geoffrey Palmer, a developer from Los Angeles has also donated $2 million to the campaign.

Donald Trump has suffered from a storm that emanated from the lewd conversations he had some 11 years ago, and that hit him really hard after the second debate as it showed that the man has little or no respect for women; it obviously showed how childish he could be when with some of his friends. This doesn’t seem to sway Peter Thiel as he feels that the country needs fixing and the right man for the job is Donald Trump.

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