Samsung Stops Production of Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Stops Production of Galaxy Note 7


We had high hopes concerning the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacement devices that Samsung promised when the first batch of its devices that went into market proved to be disasters.

Well, the replacement phones have arrived, users have gotten them, but the same issues that plagued the Smartphones on the first batch are still plaguing these, in fact, many users have said that the new devices explode without being plugged into a power outlet.

One particular user was said to have started vomiting lots of black substances after inhaling the burning Note 7 smoke; when he took ill later the same day and went to the hospital, doctors diagnosed him with acute bronchitis, and many are asking: ‘could it have been a result of the inhalation of the phone smoke?

Well, after contacting Samsung, the consumer electronics maker strangely requested to conduct an X-ray on the phone, and ever since, the phone maker has had to conduct X-rays on more devices.

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